A secret you ought to know . . .

Applying to overseas schools? You’ve likely met “education agents” who promise to help you with your application materials.

For a fee.

Usually a large fee.

You can easily find most of the information you need by yourself. Probably all.

My fees are low because I focus on essays only. I’ve helped dozens of students create Statements of Purpose, Letters of Motivation, Personal Statements and Writing Samples that present attractive images to admissions committees.

I use the word “create” because I don’t write essays myself.

I’ve learned that it’s much better for you to do the writing and for us to do the revising. Why? It’s a way to make sure your personality comes through in your essays. The people who get paid to read hundreds of SOPs can quickly identify “ghost written” essays.

I recommend writing your own and working with an experienced editor.

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