Applying to overseas schools? Here’s a secret you should know:

“Education agents” promise to help you with your application materials.

For a fee. Usually a large fee.

You can easily find most of the information you need by yourself. Probably all.

My fees are low because I focus on essays. I’ve helped dozens of students create Statements of Purpose, Letters of Motivation, Personal Statements, and Writing Samples that show admissions committees your best side.

I don’t write essays myself.

Why? To make sure your personality comes through, it’s better for you to do the writing and for us to do the revising. Also, those smart people who are paid to read SOPs can quickly identify “ghost written” essays.

It’s best for you to write your own and work with an experienced editor.

If you’re looking for a ghost writer, or if you have special needs because of your test scores or other circumstances, then an agency can be very useful. Be sure to compare three or more.

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