My job

Copyeditors and editors. What’s the difference?

Copyeditors are responsible for finding and removing all grammar, syntax, and usage problems. 

Journal editors have more responsibility, which they share with referees: they make suggestions for content, logical flow, and reorganizing text. While copyeditors focus on language, editors look at language and content. Editors and referees make suggestions for deleting sentences, paragraphs, or whole sections, or for adding new text in the interest of detail and clarification.

I work somewhere in-between. 

Of course, I’m always looking for ways to improve a writer’s mechanics–that’s my responsibility. But I also make suggestions for changes that might improve a manuscript’s logical flow or argument.

I am very clear about those kinds of suggestions. I present my ideas in ways that allow you to easily accept or reject them. You’re the boss, I’m here to support you!

I don’t do original writing — I’m an editor, not a ghost writer. I take your text and find ways to make it better.

I have one goal and one goal only: to help you get published, or to have your dissertation approved by your committee.