Free sample

“How long will it take to edit my paper?”

It depends on the quality of the draft and what you want from me.

That’s why I ask new clients to share 5-10 pages of their writing. It’s best if those pages are from the project I’ll be working on, but it can be something else. Tell me: do you want simple copyediting? A detailed sentence-by-sentence revision? Something in-between?

I’ll take your file, revise as much as I can in one hour, and give a time estimate.

There’s no charge for this revision unless you hire me to work on the entire manuscript.

This is especially useful if you found me online — it’s stressful working with someone you’ve never met in person! A free sample gives you an idea of who I am and shows my editing approach.

Before you send anything, please contact me at to make sure I’m available to meet your deadline.