As you can tell, this website is under construction as of the first week of July 2021, but don’t wait to contact me if you need help with an academic journal manuscript, Statement of Purpose, CV, or other writing project! I’ll continue to work on editing assignments as I build this site.

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I’m a newcomer to WordPress. The basics are straightforward, but there are lots details to learn, practice, and make excellent mistakes with. I hope to have something to share with the world by the second week of July. I’ll add bells and whistles one-by-one after that.

Working hard to get published?

That’s my specialty.

I’ve been helping writers since 1994.

I’ve worked with non-native English writers from Taiwan, China, Japan, Germany, Italy and Saudi Arabia.

My clients also include native speakers preparing journal and book manuscripts, dissertations, and corporate reports with very short deadlines.

If you’re a student, researcher, or journal editor, you can benefit from my 28 years of experience turning drafts into publishable manuscripts.

If you’re applying to a university in North America or Europe, I can help you prepare Statements of Purpose, Personal Statements, essay responses and CVs at one-third to one-half the price of most overseas applicant support businesses.

And since I’m a teacher at heart, I’ll use this website to share ideas that I’ve discovered since my first ESL teaching experience in 1988.

I believe in giving free samples of my editing approach to help you figure out if you want to work with me. To request one, contact me at or